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Con videos de las Tools of Change y StoryDrive Frankfurt. Muy bueno.

TOC Argentina, fuente Frankfurt Academy

Tools of Change for Publishing (TOC) Latin America 2012 will premiere on 20 April from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Feria del Libro de Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
TOC Argentina will highlight compelling new business strategies and show you how to adapt them to your own company.
Speakers will include
  • Newton Neto, Google, Inc.
  • Patricia Arancibia, Barnes and Noble, Inc.
  • Gus Balbontin, Lonely Planet, Inc.
  • Elizabeth Castro, best-selling author of books on EPUB, HTML, and more
  • Laura Dawson, Firebrand Technologies
  • Julieta Lionetti, digital consultant to academic presses, Libros en la nube
Sessions will focus on standards, global digital publishing trends, case studies of innovative publishers in Latin America, consumer habits, and much more. TOC Argentina will introduce you to the local and international entrepreneurs who are laying the seeds of digital development in the heart of Cono Sur.
In its first six years, TOC has become the premiere event for professionals exploring and shaping the future of publishing. Since 2009, the Frankfurt Book Fair and O’Reilly Media have brought this successful format to Europe once a year in the run-up to the Frankfurt Book Fair.


"The need for editing"

2/ The need for editing. The most potent selection tool will remain the quality of the product. In the iPhone/iPad AppStore, Apple guarantees the overall technical quality of what lands on its shelves. Apple's primary motive is to avoid poorly coded apps that crash or, worse, interfere with the inner core of the iOS. No such things on Amazon. Once a manuscript is properly formatted (not very complicated), it's eligible for sale. That's where reality barges in. Many self-published authors insouciantly flog texts replete with grammatical errors and typos. Very few seem to rely on proper editing and proofing, this is the main divide between amateurs and pros. Editing is both a mandatory and costly process – but worth every penny. It is probably the most critical part of the value added by traditional publishers. In the digital world, it must remain a key component of the process.

"The new book publishing business is starting to look more and more like the software industry", en The Guardian.